Buildings worth saving?

147 Jefferson Plaza Building

Last week, the Center City Commission released its top 10 list of Downtown Memphis buildings – unused, vacant and ripe for redevelopment.  I have, in the past or in the last week, photographed these buildings, and there are some I would definitely leave off my top 10 list.

Here’s the list from the CCC:

  • Sterick Building, 8 N. Third
  • Sears Building, 495 N. Watkins (pardon me, but this is a Midtown eyesore, not part of Downtown)
  • Woolworth Building, 107 S. Main
  • Tennessee Brewery, 495, Tennessee
  • Goyer-Lee House, 690 Adams
  • Alabaster Building, 678 Beale
  • 147 Jefferson Plaza, 147 Jefferson
  • Nylon Net Building, 7 Vance
  • Toof Building, 195 Madison
  • Hickman Building, 240 Madison

What do you think of the list?  What should be added or removed? Since this is a photo blog, I will be posting photos of these buildings over the next few days.  I’d like to hear what you think.

Alabaster Building - 678 Beale

I hope you have some buildings worth saving to add to the list.

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  • The sears building is only an eyesore because it’s been allowed to sit neglected for so long. If you step back and really look at the architecture, it’s beautiful and the potential is unlimited.

    As for the other buildings…they should all be on the list. Saving and reusing is a better use of resources than tearing down and starting over.

  • Joe Spake

    Savethismg, I agree. Decades of neglect can do a number on anything. The Sears Building is a Memphis icon. I have hoped for years that someone would do something with it, yet all the developer hype never pans out.
    And I didn’t mean for that post to come across as anti-preservation. I just question the CCC’s choice of the top 10.
    Have any suggestions to add to the list? The first one that pops into my mind is Clayborn Temple, which was pretty far gone 10 years ago.

  • Where is the temple? I’m not sure I’m familiar with it. Other then the ones listed or some others downtown, I’d really have to go out looking.