Tribute to dead mall also offers “lost Memphis” topics

The Marketplace of the Mid-South

I was looking up something about Memphis when I ran across a link to in a Wikipedia article.  The link takes you to a page of, a tribute to Memphis’s flagship shopping mall.  The site is a captivating historical piece presenting a thorough story of the mall from its beginnings to its ultimate demise and demolition. So I was stuck there for quite a while looking at pictures and reading about the mall in a format that could very well be the website of a fully operational mall.

Lost Memphis

I was really looking for the Lost Memphis section, but the icy weather lent itself to staying indoors and finding interesting stuff on the Internet the Lost Memphis section is wiki driven.  Just a few of the topics are:

  • Baptist Hospital
  • Chisca Hotel
  • Claridge Hotel
  • Cybill Shepherd Childhood Home
  • EH Crump Stadium
  • Ellis Auditorium
  • Goodwyn Institute Building
  • Happy Hal’s Fun House
  • Hotel King Cotton
  • Kress Building
  • Malibu Grand Prix
  • MagicLand
  • Giant Memphis Shoe
  • Mud Island
  • Russwood Park
  • Sterick Building
  • Sears Crosstown
  • LibertyLand
  • The Zippin Pippin
  • Tennessee Brewery
  • Union Station
  • Mud Island PT Boat
  • Main Street Mall
  • MerryMobile
  • Number 1 Beale
  • Maywood
  • Adventure River
  • Enchanted Forest
    (and many, many more)

Whether you are new to Memphis, or an Old-timer like me, you will definitely find something interesting here.

If you are interested in purchasing your piece of  Memphis’ history, I am real estate broker specializing in historic an in-town properties.  I  would be happy to assist you.

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Joe Spake is a Memphis-based Real Estate Broker and Consultant. He blogs at Joe Spake's Weblog and Memphis Real Estate Buzz. Joe's Social Network.

  • Doug Force

    Thanks for the kind words. The Mall site is a wiki as you mention and as such has had many, many people from all over the country help build it by adding their memories, pictures, etc. I think this is one of the things that makes a web site about a dead mall so interesting – the people who remember it. I appreciate your taking the time to visit and also including us in your blog. Thanks!

  • Thanks Doug, is a great resource. I am sorry I haven't stumbled on it sooner. I think a large number of us had the Mall Experience in our teens and tweens. There are parts of that mall that are unforgettable. Thanks for keeping those memories alive.
    If it's ever convenient for you, I would like to do a short interview with you for my blog or Facebook page – your contributions are welcome there too.

  • I'd be happy to, Joe. I'll send you my contact information. I'm sure we can work something out, especially when it gets warmer! 🙂

  • I'd be happy to, Joe. I'll send you my contact information. I'm sure we can work something out, especially when it gets warmer! 🙂

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