Have a happy QR Valentine’s day

candy valentine heartsIt’s that time of the year.  The first day of February triggers something in lovers or wannabe lovers, as we start trying to think of romantic things to do for those we hold close.  I was inspired yesterday, while in an online chat with the ever-insightful  Bill Wendel about Valentine’s ideas.

Everyone has seen the little candy hearts with phrases of affection.  The candies by Necco and Brach’s are everywhere during the first half of the month, and are ubiquitous symbol of the Valentine’s Day celebration.

So if you are looking for something a little different, why not make some little QRs to share the love.  Put them on mini cards, stickers, or t-shirts. You can generate QR Codes from text, which generates a much less complex code that will still scan, even when greatly reduced.   Make some different QRs that target those popular phrases:  I LOVE YOU, BE MY VALENTINE, SO FINE, MY BABY, YOUR ROCK MY WORLD, and leave them around for your techie lover to scan.  I have thought about little stickers on Valentine’s gifts and cards, and even making big confetti to spread around in public places.

Share your ideas.  Give it a try and let me know how it works out.

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Joe Spake is a Memphis-based Real Estate Broker and Consultant. He blogs at Joe Spake's Weblog and Memphis Real Estate Buzz. Joe's Social Network.

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  • Hi Joe,

    KUDOS! Everyone’s got a favorite quote on L-O-V-E, so everyone can use Valentine’s Day to experiment with QR codes! The Real Estate Cafe invited readers to share thoughts on love in 2005, a friendly, engaging way to overcome writer’s block and learn how to blog:

    Some of the idea starters and quotes on the link above and post last year — “Wanted: ‘Loving Thoughts, Thoughts on Love’ to celebrate Valentine’s Day online & off — could be reused to seed an iHeartQR codes campaign this year! Should we use #I♡QR as a hashtag?

    Eager to use place related QR codes, and experiment with others interested in “Coauthoring the opposite of crime maps” see:

    If we get enough people involved, maybe we can create a national network as envisioned last year in this Tweet:

    IDEA STARTER Planning Valentine events/themes? Create national network to cohost local #vday parties? See Proposal http://bit.ly/VDay2010 RT

    Am interested in collaborations in Boston, or beyond, to extend our own local legacy related to Valentine’s Day:

    (1) The modern Valentine was launched popularized by a company in Worcester, MA,
    (2) NECCO candy hearts are made in Revere, MA, and
    (3) Love Story was filmed at Harvard Law School.

    To my knowledge, Harvard Square hosted the first Valentine’s Day video event in 2008, which included cameo appearances from a number of local and national celebrities, see

    QR codes are the next frontier. Should we schedule a brainstorming conference call to seed some ideas?

    Bill Wendel

  • Thanks for your comments, Bill. There’s some good stuff there. I hope everyone reading this takes the time to check it out.