Let’s have more murals in Memphis

Today’s Commercial Appeal describes the “South Main Design Challenge,” a design competition to address blighted properties in Downtown Memphis.  I offer high praise to Paul Morris and the Downtown Memphis Commission for encouraging such projects.  I have a couple of  concepts that could brighten up some of those bare and ugly brick walls  Downtown:

Here is a great new mural on the side of Bari’s building celebrating Overton Square –

Overton Square Mural

And this is a billboard of sorts, advertising Midtown businesses with an artsy touch. Too bad it hasn’t been updated in years, but is still cool looking as well as having a hip Midtown feel.  Would you buy an ad on this wall?

Cooper-Peabody Wall

The I Love Memphis Mural Project has been popular,as well as being a good PR tool for the city.  Urban murals are popping up all over the world, and Memphis could use some more.


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  • George

    Murals are great but the Bari one may not have been handled as well as it could have been. Here’s a quote that supposedly originated from someone involved with Bari in a facebook thread…

    “The owners of Bari don’t understand why they weren’t consulted about the mural, why they found out about it from everyone else before their landlord told them about it, why they (their landlord) threw a fit 8 years ago when the owners of Bari tried to put a mural on the building and their landlords claimed that it would ruin the beauty of the historic building, why someone picked their friends design instead of having an open call for submissions, why is Bari’s walls being used to advertise for other businesses, why why why was that mural deemed the best fit for that building when that mural looks like a chain restaurant menu from the late 80’s, why wasn’t Anthony allowed just to put his design on it, why the owner of Bari (who has a degree in painting) has to accept and promote bad art on the side of his business.”