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Check out Union and Cleveland

When I read this article in the Memphis Business Journal, a few days ago, I didn’t realize the facelift had already begun at 1311 Union, in Midtown Memphis. I snapped a couple of pictures when I was in the vicinity today. Very recognizable images from the artists who have provided posters for the Center for Southern Folklore’s Memphis Music an Heritage Festival. A great improvement to this neglected section of Midtown.

1331 Union - East (Cleveland) Side

1331 Union - East (Cleveland) Side

1331 Union - North (Union Ave.) Side

1331 Union - North (Union Ave.) Side

What will become of the Mid-South Fair Time Capsule?

Mid-South Fair Time Capsule, originally uploaded by joespake.

Apparently, the Mid-South Fair has been around since 1856. Yesterday I ran across this marker in a parking lot at the Fairgrounds, near the main East Parkway entrance. I remembered asking about it as a child, and I think it was my first time capsule experience.
My question today is: With the Mid-South Fair officially moved to Mississippi, and the Fairgrounds soon to be subject to God-knows-what public project, what is going to happen to the time capsule, scheduled to be opened in 2056?

I Miss Anderton’s

Anderton’s was Memphis’ answer to the legacy seafood restaurants of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Anyone who has been around Memphis a few years, especially if you are a Boomer, has memories of the Midtown landmark, with its 50’s vintage nautical decor, and some great stuffed flounder. Anderton’s like some of the other Midtown icons of my younger years, Thornton’s Donuts, Pappy’s Lobster Shack, Melos Taverna, and Pat’s Pizza is gone. Many of the old places we remember are gone without a trace.
Andertons-Aftermath (4)After Anderton’s closed its doors for the last time, the property was purchased last year by a high profile local company for future use as a Midtown office.  A storm took out the roof and other parts and the building was stripped to a facade held up by iron supports on empty floors.Andertons-Aftermath (2) Weeds and  graffitti now decorate the property.  The terra cotta ornamentation is still there, as is the bed of cactus out front, but the building shell has been sitting in this condition for quite some time with no visible progress toward doing anything to restore the structure or integrate the facade into a new office building.

More photos at http://flickr.com/photos/joespake – Some Rights Reserved

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