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3 Must-Read books for social media marketers

by Joe Spake on August 22, 2009

I don’t think I have read any fiction in over a decade.   Real life interests me more than stories about it.  You would never know I was an English major by looking at my home library. Since I have been teaching some social media business topics lately, it seems that I am called upon to […]


There are no magic bullets in social media

by Joe Spake on August 2, 2009

Man who utilize magic bullet often shoot self in foot My apologies to Charlie Chan creator and writer, Earl Derr Biggers .  I am working my way through the long series of well-done, and timeless  mysteries on Netflix, and Charlie may have said that in one of them. With all the social media experts, gurus, […]


Newspapers and magazines a little thinner these days

by Joe Spake on November 29, 2008

Noticed how the local newspaper looks a little thinner lately? It is especially obvious to me in Sunday Real Estate supplement. It’s not just the current economic situation that is causing the decreased amount of print advertising, it is marketers changing their tactics in favor of online media. I have posted before on permission marketing […]

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