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Building Social Equity

It was refreshing to meet this morning with other Social Media participants in the Social Media Expedition Breakfast, here in Memphis. It is a get together for the geeks and the novices (still looking for my spot on the spectrum), and it seems that everyone takes something away with them that they can use in their business or personal endeavors.
I met, live and in person, folks I only know as Facebook friends or Twitter followers. And, as I learned from one of my SM gurus, Jeff Turner (@respres), isn’t that what all this social media stuff is all about about: getting face to face with someone you already know at some level? Whether business or personal, the social media connect us in new ways, opening doors to friendship, business, and sharing of ideas.
As I stammered and uh’d my way through a video interview with LunaWeb’s Blake Palmer,
I blurted out the term “social equity”. When people ask how I find time to scan through hundreds of RSS feeds, update Facebook, blog, tweet, Yelp….., etc. I answer that is just as important as any other marketing or PR activity, and probably more so. The Social Media allow people to get to know me and feel comfortable with me. The value is in building relationships with potential clients, learning more about the market place and forging some great friendships. And that’s social equity.

10 Things Home Sellers need to know in 2009

The real estate market in 2009 will bring even more challenges to home sellers than 2008. There is no indicator of an upward trend, and we are in the midst of a strong buyer’s market. However, buyers are quite tentative as we move into the new year.

As we see continuing decreases in the number of real estate agents, new business models, the weakening of print advertising, and ever greater dependence on the Internet for information, we will see the face of the real estate profession change more quickly now. In the years before the bubble burst, it was easy to sell a house using the historic 3-P marketing (Put a sign in the yard, Put an ad in the newspaper, Put it in MLS). Challenging times call for a more innovate marketing approach. If you are thinking of selling your home, here are

10 things home sellers need to know in 2009:

  1. Your home’s value is probably lower than it was 2 years ago.
  2. Find a Web 2.0 Agent – Are your agent’s listings all over the web? Does he/she have a plan for viral web marketing? Does your agent invite you to “Google” her listings?
  3. Google the agents you are considering.
  4. Work with an agent who is active in the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) even if you aren’t. Social media marketing is exploding!
  5. Print advertising is Dead. Find out how your agent is using the market dollars she is saving by not running expensive print ads.
  6. Don’t trust everything you see on the Web.
  7. Decide who is charge of marketing – you or your agent. This blog post is a must read for agents and clients.
  8. Commissions are negotiable.
  9. Open houses do not sell houses.
  10. Condition of your property DOES matter.

Best social media marketing video of 2008

So funny but so true. This one gets my vote for best social media marketing video of 2008.

h/t jonathan nicholas

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