Walnut Grove – When will they finish?

I love Walnut Grove-it is my favorite East-West Corridor. It has always been a pleasant drive from Midtown to points East. Its a great street for putting your brain on auto pilot and enjoying a peaceful drive in a city where not many drives are peaceful. I have been silent about the “drainage” project at Walnut Grove and Perkins Extended, while I have fumed for months over the mud, traffic snarls and delays. I was at the intersection yesterday at a little after 4 PM and saw no workers. At 10:42 this morning, there weren’t many workers. I like to see those back hoes and large track hoes doing something. This project has been going for quite a while, and I am sure you have to do big engineering and big digging for all those big pipes they are installing.

I would just like to see all those guys from the parked pickups out there doing it.

Another project that I don’t see many (if any at all) workers on as I thread the needle a couple of times every day is the Walnut Grove/Union/Poplar interchange. Does anyone know the work schedule there? The contractor seems to have abandoned the project. This morning at 10:36, I saw 2 guys walking among the structural steel, but they may have been folks from the neighborhood. If someone can tell me how to get the construction schedule, I will gladly post it.

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