We Know How to Market

Most Realtors believe they have the most creative, unique and downright amazing advertising ideas, or they are willing to pay others to create something for them that will separate them from the other 1 million+ Realtors they are competing with.

Oh, I am not without sin, as the clients who have received some of my “creative” mailings will testify. I am sure my turkey cards, valentines, and other personal messages are still on bulletin boards across the Mid-South.

Blogger, JudgeJon, has developed a blog with the purpose of honoring the art of creative real estate marketing:
We are a non-profit organization devoted to championing and promoting excellence in all forms of real estate advertising and design. This site serves as a showcase for the world’s finest real estate creative. Visitors are invited to view, think, question, and ultimately accept. Exceptional advertising (that has actually run in the field) can be submitted for a Paint Brush Award. Winning ads will no doubt serve to educate and inspire future generations.”

Check out Keeping it Realtor Blog. Its one of my favorites.

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