REALTORS to hire a Community Manager

Well, the official advertising of the National Association of REALTORS has tried to change with the times and with the “challenging” real estate market. I like this one from 2006 (I believe) that proclaims the value of an experienced REALTOR in the transaction. It is what our association should be doing in the way of advertising.

When things really started looking grim in the market in 2007, NAR used the “it’s a great time to buy” approach:

When a bargain basement real estate sale doesn’t work, use the most recent approach – forget about market conditions – its about family, future, and long term wealth:

Don’t forget – All Real Estate is Local!

And this one, not from NAR, but from a big franchise, that is making the rounds on that cynical and grumpy old internet:

Suzanne researched it. I WANT IT! NOW!

All this preface to mention that NAR is looking for a Community Manager, someone who will steer the association on the softer approach of social media, and, hopefully away from these laughable attempts at customer manipulation.

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