We are all trying to game the Social Media system

So who hasn’t looked at their rank on Twitter Grader or their Twitter Counter numbers, or compared their friend count in Facebook to a colleague or competitors and wondered how they could get more followers or more folks to friend them? Competition seems to be hardwired into our genes. We worry that someone is turning out better numbers (cranked out of a too-subjective algorithm) than we are.

When we look at the ever increasing metrics available, especially for Twitter, we lose site of what’s really important: useful, relevant content. Doc Searls‘ post in the Linux Journal, “Screw Popularity, Just make yourself useful,” brings it all home.

“That’s the killer lesson of Dave Winer’s new apporach to noise-filtered tweeting. “Friends” and “followers” aren’t what matter. If you want substance, you need useful inputs. Not volume. Not style. Not popularity. Those have their places, just not in your face when you’re looking for useful and interesting stuff.”

If you are using social media for marketing and/or PR, it’s a must-read.

Keep producing and sharing interesting stuff, and don’t forget “Participation IS Marketing.”

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