The Creation of a Social Media Cocktail

img_0295If you don’t know Diane Guercio, you should be following her on twitter and subscribing to her blog.  Her friends know her as heyamaretto, and she brings a special kind of poetry, humor and zest for life into our techie SM world.

I wanted to honor Diane with a drink.  Collaborating on Twitter for a mixture of her signature and my Scotch.  I found out in short order that the 3 parts Scotch and 1 part Amaretto, which Diane named “The Rusty Nail of Love” had already been invented as the Godfather.img_0293

So, I decided a on a little more of  a southern touch.  Since mint grows like a fine smelling weeds around my house, it was easy to come up with the final, unique recipe.  I Googled this combination and did not find a named cocktail.
I am going to leave it to Diane to name it, but here goes:

In your favorite highball glass,
Bruise 3 mint leaves
Add ice cubes
Pour  in 1.5 ounces of good Scotch
Add .5 ounce of Amaretto (Disaronno)

Feel free to  Double or triple the recipe.


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