Jim Dickinson

I am certainly unqualified to write any kind of eulogy for Jim Dickinson.  I only knew him from the point of view of a fan.  I learned “Louise” from his amazing 1972 Dixie Fried album, which is in my top 10 records of all time.  I saw Mudboy and the Neutrons whenever I heard they were playing; I relished his solo gigs at Otherlands and the Center for Southern Folklore in more recent years, and I guess I will always get a tear when I hear the piano riffs on Wild Horses or the emotionally charged chorus of his rendition of  Blaze Foley’s If I Could Only Fly, or if I ever again hear anyone sing Fraulein.

If there is one word the sums up James Luther Dickinson it is GENUINE.   No pretense, no kowtowing to corporate conventions or BS.  Dickinson was the Real Thing.  And there’s just not too much of that around anymore.

Jim’s passing is a great loss for Memphis and the world. My thoughts and prayers are with Mary Lindsey, Luther and Cody.

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