Candlelight Vigil -2009

Man,  it was hot on Elvis Presley Boulevard last night.  People pressed in from every angle, getting their candles and keeping them lit for the trip up the long walk up the Graceland hill to Elvis’ grave. The impersonators tribute artists, the pilgrims, the shrine builders, all a little wilted from the Memphis humidity.  We didn’t make the trek could definitely feel the Elvis Energy.

That’s what these people come back for every year, for over 30years now- the Elvis Energy.  We locals like to kid about Elvis Death Week, the Elvis look alikes, the decorations, the Elvis tats, but take away the commercial glitz and there is something real here.  People will still be making this pilgrimage for the next 30 years, long after Michael Jackson is remembered only by an aged Wikipedia entry.

Some photos from last night.

Photos at my Flickr are available in high res and are under Creative Commons license.

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