Demolition has begun at the Fairgrounds

Libertyland (1)The backhoes and trackhoes are working away in LibertyLand, digging out out the theme park and the history that went before it.  On the east side, excavation is happening with the old log flume ride in the background.  The signature Revolution ride was sold and dismantled a few years ago.

The Zippin’ Pippin has looked strangely ricketZippin Pippin Memphisy ever since I was a kid.  It’s probably impossible to get a picture of the old wooden rollercoaster with the all vertical members looking plumb, because, well, they aren’t.  I don’t know the final word on whether the powers that be intend to demolish or carefully dismantle this Memphis landmark.

There are some Fairgrounds pictures in my Flickr photostream, shots of empty lifestock barns, the arena building where I got to meet Roy Rogers, a one room school house on blocks that was once the school for Mud Island or Presidents Island – Vance Lauderdale would know which.  There is a time capsule buried near the west main entrance.

Things change.  I remember the Fairgrounds before Libertyland, the Liberty Bowl Stadium and the Mid-SouthColiseum.  Let’s hope that the final evolution of this great central city space is a good thing for everyone in our city.

Everyone wins in a community that thrives.
Tara Hunt

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