Chess and social media – just sayin’

There are only 6 different chess pieces -King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawn, each with a specific function.  A person of normal intelligence, even a very young person, can learn the mechanics and rules of the game in less than an hour.  But play me in chess, even if you are a kindergartner, and you will probably beat me because I never learned much more about chess than the basic fundamentals.  To call myself a chess expert or chess master would be ludicrous.

And so it is with Social Media.  Having fundamental knowledge of a platform like Facebook or Twitter  empowers  the  user to self-define as a guru.  Every day I run across  new Social Media experts, gurus, visionaries, thought leaders, and rock stars, with a webinars, seminars or e-book to sell me.  Problem is, it’s a little harder to put these folks to the test than sitting down for a game of chess.

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