Uh, just checking in… Foursquare ever make you just a little paranoid?

Back when when I first started hearing about GPS, I began to fear the implications of global positioning.  Being a closeted Luddite 2.0,  I foresaw the implications of a machine that, with the help of a group of satellites, could pinpoint my position on this big planet down to one meter.  Considering the evolution of modern warfare, I lay awake many nights contemplating being obliterated by some disgruntled military guy  calling in a rocket strike on my house bed.

Fast forward to a few days ago, quietly sitting in Otherlands, sipping coffee, writing, editing some pictures…….  Suddenly there  is a big lens in my face, and a female voice calling my name.   Just as frightening as a missile attack – I have been stalked with FourSquare.  A local TV station singled me out to feature in a story about potential personal security issues for folks who like to “check-in”. So this crew videoed me through the window for a while, then surprised me at my table while my head was buried in my laptop.  Could have just as easily been a drone missile coming through the window.

Here is the report that aired:

SoI am not going to do any preaching about using Foursquare, or “checking-in” in general, competing for mayorships, or  sharing the minute details of your life online with those who might care.  The deputy in the video pretty much covers the other side of the coin.  I guess Monopoly IS a much safer game.

What do you think?  Is it good safe fun?  Do people really want to know where you are?  Do you fear missile strikes or burglaries?  Have you ever completed a Monopoly game?
Bonus question:  What’s the weirdest place you are mayor of?  One more funeral and I will be mayor of Memorial Park if some undertaker doesn’t get the edge on me.

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