WKNO premieres Boss Crump Documentary April 22

WKNO-TV will present a new one-hour film on Edward Hull Crump’s autocratic  control of politics in Memphis (and often the entire state) and how three Memphis heroes rose up to challenge it. Citizens Not Subjects! Reawakening Democracy in Memphis will premiere on Thursday, April 22 at 9:00 p.m. on WKNO/Channel 10.

Most people who have lived in Memphis for any length of time have heard the name “Boss Crump”, but many may not know that his reign lasted for almost fifty years, even though he held elective office for less than then of those years!

Mr. Crump, who achieved such national prominence he was on the cover of Time magazine, offered Memphians a safe, clean, prosperous city…all he asked in return was control over every phase of civic life. He was last mayor in 1915, but continued to rule the city from his sixth-floor office in the Crump Insurance Building into the 1950’s…….. Read Full Press Release HERE.

Steve Selvidge w/Family and Friends does WC Handy’s “Mr. Crump

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