How do you pronounce Posterous?

Posterous bills itself as “the easiest publishing platform around.”   If you can email, you can manage a website and share it with small groups or the world via your social networks.  Posterous is so easy to use, you can skip the sign up process and send your first post to [email protected], and they will do the rest.  Within your account you can direct your Posterous posts to just about any popular social platform automatically.  Posts can be done by email, and somehow, Posterous can miraculously take just about any kind of file you attach to you [email protected] email, and convert into a correctly sized and rendered post on your Posterous site.  You can also clip excerpts from other websites and blogs to share.  The simplicity of use and features, including  a variety of themes and the ability to design your own, make Posterous a good choice for those looking for a simple blogging platform. I will let you explore Posterous on your own if you are not already using it.  It’s a great way to start blogging and to spread the word across your networks.
Here is a pretty good 8 minute tutorial:

If you are already using Posterous you may have been mis-pronouncing the name of the platform since you first signed on (just like David Frosdick in the video did).  I have seen grownups argue toe-t0-toe over how to pronounce this platform’s name.  I am proud to say that I have been correct in my pronunciation, but not often so acknowledged.   I asked  my friend, Rich Pearson at Posterous for the definitive answer to the question – long O or short O?

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”Here’s Rich’s response”]When we say Posterous, we pronounce it with the short o.  Sachin and Garry originally chose the name because they wanted to call all other sites/blogs “pre-posterous”.  Of course, the log representing a post-it note and all makes this a little confusing as does [email protected].   We actually don’t care too much about how you pronounce it, as long as you use us ;-)[/stextbox]

Well, there’s the answer to the mystery.  Pre-posterous, you say?

Check out my Posterous.

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