Are you applying to be the #TigerBloodIntern?

Charlie Sheen has posted a position on – an 8 week, full-time, paid summer intern.  If you have #TigerBlood, are all about #Winning,  and can #PlanBetter than anyone else, this could be the short term dream job for you.

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”from”]This unique internship opportunity will allow a hard-working, self-motivated, creative, resourceful and social media savvy individual to work closely with Charlie Sheen in leveraging his social network.[/stextbox]

Wow, you too, could be a #Winner?  Do you think part of Charlie’s “leveraging” of social media is to dominate the web for those words he seems to love to hashtag?

With so many underemployed  social media gurus out there, I am sure Sheen will use his super #winning powers to find the the perfect intern to implement his social media domination.  And wouldn’t that look great on your resume?

Charlie Sheen does the Sunday Comics

Image by susie.c via Flickr

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