The flood party’s over – time to clean up

Receding Flood - 43.8 feet

Receding Flood - 43.8 feet - What's left behind

Flood tourism has dropped off sharply since the river crested last week; and while the river is at a level today (43.8 feet) that would rate as the 4th highest crest in history, there were no tourists or picture takers but me on Mud Island.  There is an incredible amount of driftwood on the banks.  The river is receding slowly, but falling waters just aren’t as sexy as an impending flood.  There’s a long way to go before things return to normal.

There is still a huge task ahead in cleaning up, and I am not talking about the sure to be popular projects of cleaning up the riverfront.  The clean up of the flooded out homes and neighborhoods  of our citizens in the low lying, impoverished, flooded areas of the city probably won’t be nearly as popular, and will be much more heart wrenching.  As I have said before, help  if you can.  If you can’t work, donate money.

And please, please consider the power of the Mississippi River.  They don’t use the adjective Mighty for nothing.  Currents are quite strong, even close to the banks.  All the more reason to supervise your children if you visit the river banks.

Receding Flood - 43.8 feet

Ignoring the yellow caution tape, young, unsupervised children play at the water's edge

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