Joe’s Google+ tips – #1 – Controlling the content of your stream

googl+First off, I just got Google+ a couple of days ago, so I am neither and expert, nor am I yet a Google+ evangelist.   I don’t even know if I will continue using it.   I just like for this social stuff, the Facebook, the Twitter, etc., to work the way I want it to.  I am going to assume that if you are reading this you have a Google+ account; otherwise it will make no sense whatsoever.

One of the biggest challenges in social media is filtering the annoying, obnoxious, and the irrelevant.  Add someone to one of your G+ circles, they show up in your stream (which is kind of like the home page on Facebook).  You can filter the stream by circle, but there is no way to stream more than one circle at a time unless you take the full stream.

Control your stream with an A-list Circle

Drag all your current contacts into a new A-List Circle (you can, of course, name it what you want), then instead of viewing your stream (which will be an exact duplicate of your A-list circle in the beginning), get in the habit of using the A-List instead of the stream.  You can easily filter out the ego-maniacs, real estate listing posters, and smirky little trolls by simply removing them from the A-List, and leaving them in any circles where you may want to continue to intereact with them.

Your thoughts, tips and corrections are encouraged.

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