Interesting Social Media Links for week ending February 20, 2012

  • LinkedIn Best Social Platform for Lead Generation?
    LinkedIn may not be as much fun as the other popular social platforms, but it can bring amazing results.
  • 58 Things Social Media Newbies Say & Maybe You Said, Too!?
  • 10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers
    Integrate the social media connection with your blog.
  • Your Bandwidth Will Be Throttled. Here’s Why
    Are you a mobile power user? Video, pictures, social media? Prepare for a slowdown of data from your carrier.
  • Why QR Codes Won’t Last
    Perhaps new (and prettier) technology will soon replace those annoying QR codes.
  • 3 Twitter Browser Extensions for Better Social Management
    Twitter addicts: More useful tools to save time when working from your desktop.
  • 7 Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners
    WordPress has become the gold standard of blogging platforms. If you are considering starting a blog or if you already have a blog on another platform, learn all you can about WordPress.
  • Why millennials rely on friends’ and online strangers’ advice equally
    The Generation Y conundrum Millennials, also known as Generation Y were born roughly between 1980 and 1995, and while various entities do not share a consensus on the years that start and end the generation, a consensus is forming around consumer behavior of millennials which many outside of the generation have a difficult time understanding, thus communicating with or marketing…
  • What NOT to Pin on Pinterest
    In case you haven’t noticed, Pinterest is really catching on. Here are some good guidelines from John Haydon.

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