Hot Social Media and Tech Links for week ending February 25, 2013

Last week’s favorite Social Media and tech links:

  • Yes, Facebook Is For Talking To Your High School Friends
  • Check Your WordCloud – how do others see you?
  • What does your online image say about you? | Trackur
  • How Not to Suck Online | Social Media Marketing Institute
  • Fast websites: What makes a website fast? [infographic]
  • 15 Keyboard Shortcuts that Will Save You Time
    Whether you spend the majority of your day working with computers professionally or just write the occasional report, it goes without saying that writing projects can be a bit time consuming. When you’re up against a tight deadline and every minute counts, finding ways to shave a few seconds off of every task you tackle can add up big time over the course of your work. These 15 keyboard hacks are effective shortcuts that can help you power through your work so that you come in on the right side of every deadline.
  • Tech buzz words that are going mainstream

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