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Where are people moving to and from? Shelby County?

Forbes has an interesting interactive map mashup showing where people are moving to and from in the USA.   I have spent way too much time interacting with it. This is a screen shot.

Moving Map

Here is the link to go live and  interactive.  Click on any county to see its comings and goings.  Black lines represent inbound movement; redlines, outbound movement.

Forbes states that  more than 10 million Americans moved from one county to another during 2008.  The maps are visual representations of those moves.

Source: Internal Revenue Service data. The IRS only reports inter-county moves for more than 10 people, so some moves are not shown on the maps.

Food Blog? Does the world need another one?

Stir fry - veggies and shrimp

Veggie and Shrimp Stir Fry

Even though it has been strongly suggested that Katy and I do a food blog, I am simply not going to go there.   Having to admin yet another WordPress blog would do me in.   Food worship  is out of control, and that worship has led to the success of  Food TV,  trendy restaurants, eating contests, food porn, and the general expansion of waistlines everywhere.

That being said, I admit to being an incorrigible foodie.  I like to eat out, especially at joints, greasy spoons, and diners [no links – if they have a web presence, they are probably not worth trying], but I really love to cook at home.  So, following a passion, I am going to give food blogging a shot with some posts here.  No restaurant reviews  ( those are on my Yelp Account), wine or food snobbery,  just an occasional post about cooking and, of course, eating.  I may talk Katy into contributing a recipe here and there, like the Hominy Casserole, that had folks contacting me to help them find hominy in their part of the world.  But she has a different approach to cooking that I do:  she measures ingredients, uses thermometers, timers, the correct utensils.  There is just no joy in that kind of cooking

I have a story about the utensil pictured above.  A wok kind of thing that’s perfect for stir fry or big sauté  jobs,  it’s from Wearever, and has been a great performer for over 10 years.  It’s from the Gormé Collection, which was introduced in the late 90’s.  If you are old enough to remember Johnny Carson‘s  Tonight Show, you probably remember frequent performances by “entertainers” Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé.  Well, Eydie became the namesake and spokesperson for the Gormé Collection.   Get it?  Gormé – Gourmet.  Brilliant!

I haven’t really thought about my future food posts yet, but  if you are into George Foreman Grills, quick egg dishes, bacon, fresh veggies, cheese, shellfish, soul food, Nutella, and hot dogs,  and you really have no use for cookbooks, maybe I will crank out something  you will find interesting.

Is this any way to run an urban sporting goods superstore?

Weeds at the PyramidThe original title of this post was “Is this any way to run an urban bait shop?,” but I am trying to get my negative attitude under control.  I was driving by the Pyramid the other day and caught the glitter of a tear in the eye of Ramses the Great.  The pyramid site is suffering from lack of maintenance.  Weeds on Ramses’ throne! Shocking!

Isn’t Bass Pro Shops paying some rent on the Pyramid, and couldn’t some of that rent go to grounds maintenance, and maybe even a little Roundup?

Weeds at the Pyramid

Weeds at the Pyramid

Here’s another shot of some different weeds providing base framing for the pyramid.

And you may remember that Sidney Schlenker or someone collected money for the bricks set into the wide sidewalk out front of the Pyramid. Maybe you would want to locate your brick, if you bought one, and clean the weeds out the cracks.

Weeds in the personalized bricks

Weeds in the personalized bricks

I also found what appeared to be the Pyramid’s official Mailbox

Pyramid Mailbox - vacant


all photos by Joe Spake under Creative Commons License

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