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Holiday domain sale

Real Estate License Plate

I buy domains on a continuing basis and use many of them for specialty business sites or to point to my blog or main business.  Occasionally it is a good thing to clean house, so I am offering these domains for sale via Godaddy Auctions:   – if you are a Google+ fan

Green real estate is becoming a big thing.  Some of you agents that read this blog might be interested in these:

New or seasoned Memphis real estate agents might be looking for new URL’s:

Some of you may be interested in social media:  (and I will also sign over the  twitter account @newmediamemphis)

Misc.:  (Yes, there are Luddites in the real estate business; here’s your chance to get all techie with them) (nice short URL.  Any real estate people interested in VRM?) (This one seems to have a lot of potential for a blog)

Well, see anything you like?  Go to Godaddy Auctions and bid.  I am ready to make some holiday deals.

Oh, by the way, I just bought while I was writing this post.

TechCamp is coming – Something techie for everyone November 3

Mark your Calendars!

tech camp presentationTechCamp Memphis is happening (again) on November 3, 2012.  The expanded and enhanced program this Fall  includes Marketing, Content and Developer tracks for current practitioners who want to hone their skills, and 2 – “101” tracks :  Online Marketing and Developer.  These tracks are aimed at more basic level users and those just getting started in the Web world.  Here is the complete schedule.  If you have never been to a camp, it’s about fast paced presentations, networking, and discussion.  Sessions run concurrently and you can attend any that you choose.  Also free lunch, and giveways.  Cost is very reasonable for a whole day of tech.  REGISTER HERE. Continue reading

Clean up that polluted Twitter stream

For the last couple of years I have been using Manage Flitter to analyze my Twitter followers and follow-backs.  It seems to be the philosophy of a lot of folks I know to follow back anyone who follows them.  I am more selective about who I follow back, but occasionally I realize that I am following back folks who are adding nothing to my Twitter experience.

Manage Flitter is an easy to look at the state of your Twitter account and unfollow as necessary.

manage flitter dashboard

Check who’s not following you back, profiles with no images, non-English speaking tweeters, inactive tweeters, talkative and quiet tweeters. Continue reading

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