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Here’s how Google+ is working for me

…and why I am putting less emphasis on my Facebook business pages

I share my blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon,  Digg and Google+.  I use  Google Analytics as one of the tools to monitor traffic to this blog and my other sites.  Checking the social stats, I got this result for visitor sources for this blog:

google analytics stats

Yep, Google+ generated over 2.5 times more visitors than Facebook.  Why?  Because Facebook’s edge rank algorithm does not show posts on your timeline or posts to your FB pages to all your friends and fans, just a selected few.  Posts to my Facebook business page, for instance, are served to less that 20% of my fans.  Google+, on the other hand does not throttle my posts, so whether I post to a specific circle or 2 or publicly on Google+ the message gets to all those that have me circled, not an algorithmically selected few.  I continue to advocate for Google+ everywhere I get a chance, including on my Facebook account.  Facebook die hards don’t seem to think Google+ is as fun as Facebook, but as the conversation about democratizing the web grows in so many different directions, it’s nice to know that at least one platform is not interrupting the free flow of posts.

Obviously my best social source, although not in the same category of social as G+ and FB, is StumbleUpon, and it has held the lead since I started running social stats.  Digg and LinkedIn posts pale to all the other platforms.

social analytics

How did i get the stats?  I am not going into setting up advanced segments in Google Analytics  for your social media platforms, so just Google around and you will find  helpful articles like this  that will guide you into setting up advanced segments for analysis.

Today’s burning question: Is Lady Gaga following me back on Twitter?

How to find out if someone is following you back on Twitter

I was trying to determine if one of my colleagues was following me back on Twitter and ran across  Doesfollow offers a very simple interface that allows you to add Twitter handles to answer the question: Does _______ follow _____ ?

You just enter the twitter handles to get results like this:

doesfollow result

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If you liked it, then you shoulda put a +1 on it

Google +1

Screenshot of DiggDigg bar from Mashable

Here’s a new mantra – to the tune of  Beyoncé’s Single Ladies: If you liked it, then you shoulda put a +1 on it.

The Mashable post, Growing up Google: How Cloud Computing is Changing a Generation is all about Google.  as you can see from its DiggDigg bar at the left,  it got 131 Facebook Likes, over 1,500 tweets, 291 LinkedIn shares, and 433 Stumbleupon shares; yet this post about Google got only 9  Google  +1 s.

I am perplexed that readers make the mouse click effort to share to other platforms, yet neglect the +1 button.  Many of  us Google proponents would rather have the +1 as a show of appreciation than the FB Like.  It’s just one little  mouse click. Why not give it a try right now:

New functionality of the +1 button now allows for a direct share to your Google Plus feed, if you have one, with just one more click.  Believe it or not, lots of folks are using Google Plus regularly,and Google is looking at where those +1’s are going.  So don’t be stingy with your +1 love.

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