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QR Valentines

[Note: Originally posted a year ago 2/1/2011 on Joe Spake’s Weblog -You think things have changed with QR codes and how they are used over the past year?]

candy valentine heartsIt’s that time of the year.  The first day of February triggers something in lovers or wannabe lovers, as we start trying to think of romantic things to do for those we hold close.  I was inspired yesterday, while in an online chat with the ever-insightful  Bill Wendel about Valentine’s ideas. Everyone has seen the little candy hearts with phrases of affection.  The candies by Necco and Brach’s are everywhere during the first half of the month, and are ubiquitous symbol of the Valentine’s Day celebration.

So if you are looking for something a little different, why not make some little QRs to share the love.  Put them on mini cards, stickers, or t-shirts. You can generate QR Codes from text, which generates a much less complex code that will still scan, even when greatly reduced.   Make some different QRs that target those popular phrases:  I LOVE YOU, BE MY VALENTINE, SO FINE, MY BABY, YOUR ROCK MY WORLD, and leave them around for your techie lover to scan.  I have thought about little stickers on Valentine’s gifts and cards, and even making big confetti to spread around in public places. Share your ideas.  Give it a try and let me know how it works out.

Made your QR Valentines yet?

More will be spent on online ads than print ads in 2012

According to eMarketer, US spending on online advertising will exceed spending on print advertising for the first time in 2012, and the trend will continue as advertisers find more value online.  Online advertising  spending in 2012 is predicted at $39.5 Billion, compared to $33.8 Billion for all print advertising.  By 2016, the projection is  $62B for online vs. $32.3B for print.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, more and more of us are getting news and information online.  Think of how much time you spend online – work, research, news gathering, social media, compared to the amount of time you spend with print media – newspapers, magazines.  I think it’s obvious that print advertising will not be making a comeback.

What’s your opinion?

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RSS what?

RSS Symbol

Ever see this symbol before?  This post is not about RSS (Real Simple Syndication) or how it works.  It’s about the the computer literate folks I encounter every day who are not utilizing the power of RSS feeds to simplify their lives.

Unless owners of sites block their feeds, any website with dynamic (frequently updated content) has a feed.   The feed updates and syndicates changes, i.e., new blog posts, updates, news articles, for anyone to grab.

So when I am discussing a particular blog or site with someone who just surfs to it occasionally, I always ask if they “subscribe”.  I am often met with a blank look when I tell them they can automatically receive updates  every time their favorite blogger posts, or their favorite news outlet adds a new story.  You can subscribe to the feeds for sites you enjoy through a piece of aggregation software like Google Reader, and like magic, receive all the latest updates for everything you like on the web.

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