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Memphis ghost schools (a photo essay)

You can tell it’s Sweeps Weeks when the local TV stations run stories with titles like School Sex Dens.  But Channel 5’s story does bring to light the dozens of abandoned Memphis City Schools around the city.  The next day after seeing the story, I happened to be on St. Paul Street, near Downtown, where I ran across Locke Elementary.

Locke Elementary, St. Paul St., Memphis, TN

Last year, while on a photo tour in South Memphis, I found this school at 1560 Florida Street.

School – 1560 Florida Street, Memphis, TN

Since then the sheet metal has been removed and a high chain link fence with NO TRESPASSING signs has been installed.

School - Florida Street

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Goyer-Lee House 690 Adams


Goyer-Lee House 690 Adams (6), originally uploaded by joespake.

Porch rail detail from this abandoned Memphis Victorian Village home

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