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Elvis would have liked Nutella and this crepe

I wanted to do this post and video to coincide with Elvis’ birthday, January 8, but I got a little behind on production.  It’s another “Cooking with Joe” episode featuring a Nutella-enhanced, peanut butter and banana “crêpe”, kind of in the the vein of the famous Graceland fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  I don’t know if Nutella was around while Elvis was alive, but I am sure he would have found it to be a great complement to his favorite sandwich.

And Elvis was a bacon lover too.    I heard he would fire up the Lisa Marie just to fly to his  favorite PB,  B & B(acon) Sandwich spot.  Interesting Wikipedia article on PB, B & B.

The next “cooking” excursion will involve bacon and Nutella.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Elvis!

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