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Memphis ghost schools (a photo essay)

You can tell it’s Sweeps Weeks when the local TV stations run stories with titles like School Sex Dens.  But Channel 5’s story does bring to light the dozens of abandoned Memphis City Schools around the city.  The next day after seeing the story, I happened to be on St. Paul Street, near Downtown, where I ran across Locke Elementary.

Locke Elementary, St. Paul St., Memphis, TN

Last year, while on a photo tour in South Memphis, I found this school at 1560 Florida Street.

School – 1560 Florida Street, Memphis, TN

Since then the sheet metal has been removed and a high chain link fence with NO TRESPASSING signs has been installed.

School - Florida Street

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Misery, danger and damn good bar-b-q

RE-POSTED – Originally posted October 15, 2010

I was born in Memphis.  I have moved away twice and returned to live here.  The bar-b-q is not the only thing brought me back and will keep me here the rest of my days.   Forbes gave Memphis the number 3 spot on its America’s Most Miserable Cities list back in February.  This week Forbes rated Memphis #1 among the Country’s Most Dangerous Cities.

So what’s going on here?  Is the sheer misery of life overwhelming Memphians?  Are we living in a state of anarchy where crime trumps law and order?  Are we crazy for choosing to live here?  While the suburbanites may smirk at the Forbes stories as they enjoy their lifestyles funded by Memphis’ commerce, most of the folks I know are happy to be in Memphis, many happier than they ever thought they would be.  We are in sync with Memphis’ unique culture – the culture of a true melting pot city, with the bonus of southern hospitality and manners.  Memphis is a city with a lot to offer.

I am not writing this post as a Convention and Visitors Bureau or Chamber of Commerce piece.  The positive, fun, safe, educational, entertainment, and cultural aspects of Memphis life are easy to research.

Imagine being a real estate agent specializing in in-city properties.  How would  you respond the Forbes stories?  How would you sell Memphis to someone relocating or considering moving here?  I would love to see your responses.  For me a driving tour with lunch at an authentic Memphis bar-b-q spot seems to be the perfect introduction.

photo: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike by Marlon Bunday
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