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Will Google Drive leave Dropbox in the dust?

Google has just introduced the much awaited Google Drive, the online storage, desktop synced product for any files you care to store and share.  5 Gig of storage is free, with very low rates for additional bandwidth.  If you are a Google Docs fan, Docs is now integrated into Drive.  It’s all brand new and I am loving it so far.  Sign up and check it out.

Let us know what you think!

Move and share those big files with Dropbox

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You have some huge video files to move from one computer to another.  You use a flash drive and, shazam, you can move those files in no time.  But what if the computers are a continent apart?  What if you are traveling and need a file from your home computer?  Or you would like to collaborate on a file you share with a colleague, and keep it all in sync?

Dropbox lets you share files across the internet by just dragging them to  a folder on your hard drive.   The 2G of space  you get free when you open an account will handle a few videos and a lot of images, even in RAW format.  Documents in your Dropbox folder will sync when you make changes.  This is a simple platform that offers private file sharing, or a public folder.  I haven’t fully explored Dropbox.  Mostly I have used it to share huge files, or make huge files available for public download via a link.  There is lots of potential for collaboration, and even for backing up and syncing the most important files on your hard drive.

You can, of course, buy as much bandwidth as you need, or earn bandwidth (up to 8G) to share more files, and do some limited back up by referring others to Dropbox. [disclosure:  links here are referral links]

  • Dropbox 1.0 RC is here! (labnol.org)
  • File Sharing – Dropbox v1.0.2 RC (lockergnome.com)
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