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"How Do I Engage Someone?"

I just got back from the RETech South Conference in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth, Georgia. I think Jeff Turner’s question, “How do I engage someone?” pretty much sums up why most of us are involved in social media, and why over 400 of us attended the one day fast-paced event.

The conference presenters (and many of the attendees) were the Who’s Who list of Real Estate Social Media and Blogging Rock Stars: Jeff Turner, Andy Kaufman, Joe Ferrara, Rob Hahn, Teresa Boardman, Jeff Corbett (ActiveRain) Missy Caulk, Todd Carpenter (NAR’s Social Media Manager), and Nicole (Nik_Nik) and Reggie Nicolay, to name just a few. Whether you are in a real estate related industry or not, these are people you should be following on Twitter and friending on Facebook. They “get it.”

Engagement – personal contact, is really the desired outcome of Social Media, and the presenters and participants refined the purpose and importance of Social Media in our businesses, but in a larger sense, in our lives. Not a lot of esoteric content here: most sessions were about the mainstream platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, and various views on blogging, and the current and future state of the real estate industry. Georgia agents got continuing education credit, which I thought was pretty progressive.

I will be posting about and implementing some of the many things I learned, but right now, I just need to rest, and then quickly get back to work.

Many Thanks to Matt Fagioli and Brad Nix, and all their helpers, who put this one day event together.

So I will just leave you for now with this little intro to a Twitter presentation by Nik Nik and Reggie

Social Media Heros -Realtor Convention-Expo-2008

Here in Orlando at the REALTOR convention, there is a huge trade show-hundreds, if not thousands of vendors trying to sell their products to Realtors.
My interests lean heavily toward the people who will be making a difference in the future of Real Estate, and those who succeed will be the social media pioneers – It is they that I seek out. I met Jeff Turner of Real Estate Shows but didn’t snap a picture. Real Estate shows is the best value in “tour” type products and is being promoted mostly via the social media. It is a viral product.
I am a Trulia Pro member and have had the pleasure of following the musings and adventures their social media guru, Rudy Bachraty for quite a while on his blog and twitter.

He is a tall guy. Nice to also meet the Freers, Gia and Grant, of socially intense realseekr. I enjoy follwing them and I got Gia to pose for a picture. I am very interested in their product, and hope to stir up some excitement back home.

I am looking forward to some great presentations tomorrow.

Oh, and I absolutely have to have a Dell Mini 9.

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