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Saying goodbye to a laggard blog

In an attempt to bank all the Whuffie I possibly could, I started a photo blog a while back.  I thought someone might be interested in my photos, taken around the Memphis area, but, alas, as evidenced by Flickr data and Google Analytics, there is much better response to the photos I post on Posterous and Twitter (via Flickr) than the activity I was getting on The Real Memphis Blog, which will be coming down in the next couple of days.[the link will be good until I repoint it to this blog] .

There is a big difference between increasing web presence and spreading one’s self too thin.  Dave Matthews’  Too Much rises to top of  mind whenever I divert from my overall Social media plan.

So it’s easy to let The Real Memphis go.  My photos will still be out there, and I won’t have to worry about the nuts and bolts, the upgrades, dysfunctional widgets, and problematic plugins of yet another blog.  In case you didn’t know, I have another, Real estate oriented, blog, which I spend a lot of time on, and another under development that will hopefully pull the business, social and personal all together.

………..That horn part in Too Much keeps ringing in my ears.

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