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Social Media – 2 Are you Tweeting yet?

I mentioned LinkedIn and FaceBook as good places to start if you want to dip into the ever-growing social networking/ social media scene. Let me emphasize, you can’t be too old for this stuff. The youngsters are getting disgusted that we mature citizens have FaceBook accounts and and are using them not only for social, but for business contacts.
Have you been asked, “Do you Twitter?” Twitter might best be described as a mini-blog. You have 140 characters to say whatever you want. Many news services, corporations, and individuals “tweet”. You build your network by “following” those who interest you or who you know, and they may also follow you. Give it a try. Follow me or see how it works at www.twitter.com/joespake.
For my other social apps, my connection page.

I like LinkedIn

I posted this on ActiveRain, a blogging platform dedicated to real estate-oriented professionals, but I think it is a great networking site for any business:

So far in this middle-agent’s explorations into Web 2.0, my best find has been LinkedIn. While in the category of social networking, LinkedIn is more business oriented than Facebook, MySpace, etc. Enter your full professional history, education, and interests and find connections for networking. You can also get introductions to folks in your connections’ networks. I think you will appreciate the business like interface.

My best helpful hint for LinkedIn is using recommendations. After setting up my account, I was able to quickly find some recent clients who were happy to recommend me as a great real estate agent!

Visit my linkedin profile, and let’s make a CONNECTION.

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