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New face on an old Broad – Memphis needs more of this!

broad bikes

A good sign of a bike-friendly event

A Google search on “Facelift Memphis” results in a local plastic surgeon in first organic position; so it seems fitting that an organization called Facelift Memphis, in conjunction with Livable Memphis and the Historic Broad Business Association would put on the very unique A New Face for and Old Broad event, Friday and Saturday, November  19 & 20.

[stextbox id=”grey” caption=”From the event brochure”]The ingredients of this unique two-day event – a first of its kind for Memphis – included months of grassroots planning and hard work by scores of volunteers who envisioned a rejuvenated Broad Avenue Arts District where people can shop, work, play and live the way neighborhoods were meant to be.[/stextbox]

The event was the first in a series called “FaceGypsy Hombreslift Memphis: Reinventing Memphis — Block by Block,” coordinated by Historic Broad Business Association and Livable Memphis.   It was a great way to show off  Broad  Ave. between Hollywood and Collins, with its protected bike lanes, diagonal parking on the business side, and nearly all the store fronts without current tenants  put to use  as temporary galleries, studios and shops.  It really gave the public and potential tenants a good idea of what the stretch that Fredric Koeppel describes as “half-derelict for decades”,  could be – a viable arts district.  Live music, food and beer enhanced the festive atmosphere.
Talk about great potential!   Memphis need more of this type of project and this ATTITUDE.   It  was kind of perplexing that there was not a single link on the brochure, but to find out about future Reinventing Memphis projects and events, I would suggest LIVABLEMEMPHIS.ORG , the Live Where You Live folks.

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