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Ford ends Mercury Production – Mercury memories

1953 Mercury

1953 Mercury

The New York Times reports that Ford is ending production of the Mercury Line.  James Dean drove a Mercury in Rebel Without a Cause.

My earliest car memories were of my father’s 1953 2-tone Mercury sedan – dark green (or maybe black) over light green.  He came from a Ford kind of family, while my mom’s folks were Chevy people; the Alabama relatives favored Studebakers.  My great uncle’s Studebaker Golden Hawk was one of the fastest cars in the state at that time.

Next was the 1959 Monterey in dark metallic green.  The last car my father owned and drove.  As I recall, my mother started driving about that time.
A huge car.  I wanted to keep it after my father died, but even with gas hovering around $.30/gallon, it seemed like a pretty expensive proposition for a high school kid in the ’60s.

So RIP Dad, and RIP Mercury.  Sometimes the memories are better than the experiences.

photo credits:
1953 Mercury -  pinkieblues via flickr CC license
1959 Mercury – Wikipedia

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