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Cooking with Joe – Omelette basics

Nothern Italian Omelette - Mama's On Washington Square, San Francisco, CAWe have all had some super omelettes and some pretty bad ones (diners tend to overcook them).  I have been making omelettes for a long time. The dish beats scrambled eggs, and gives an elegant touch to breakfast, brunch, or a light dinner.  Omelettes are quick and easy, once you get the hang of quick cooking, which is the key to success.

Here’s how to make a basic omelette.  I get great results following these steps:

  1. Crack your eggs, beat them, and let them get to room temperature.  I usually add salt and pepper, and optionally a dash of hot sauce for each egg and a couple of shakes of  Fines Herbes to taste.
  2. Get your stuffings ready:   grate the cheese.  If you like some onion and bell pepper, and maybe some mushrooms, give them a light saute, and set aside close to the cooking area.
  3. Get your pan hot.  I use a 10″ Calphalon saute pan, which works well for 3 and 5 egg omelettes.  Use the biggest burner and turn it up high.
  4. Now you have to move fast.  Put a hunk of butter in the pan.  It should quickly sizzle and melt.  Tilt the pan to spread and pour in the eggs.  This is where most cooks fail.  Stir the eggs with a fork.  Keep them moving until they start to set, not fully cooked like scrambled eggs, but  with just a little liquid egg left.  IMPORTANT:  the eggs will finish cooking themselves.  Be careful. This is where overcooking happens.
  5. Quickly remove from heat and add ingredients.
  6. Fold the omelette with a wide spatula.  You will be flipping it out of the pan, so what is the top now will be the bottom and it doesn’t have to be pretty.
  7. Slide the folded omelette onto a plate, letting it flip over so the “good” side is up.
  8. Top with a sprinkle of paprika or fresh herbs, and you are ready to eat.

Here is my method :

photo credit: Marshall Astor – Food Pornographer

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