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Presidents Island school house may be spared

I posted last month about the continuing demolition at the Fairgrounds and wondered about the fate of the one-room school house from Presidents Island.  Once a part of Mid-South Fair exhibits, the structure now sits boarded up in the shadow of the Arena Building.  I had a comment on that post today with a link to a new blog: Presidents Island One Room Schoolhouse.  It seems that East High School has acquired the building and will convert it to a museum to:

“……… to turn this one room school house into a walk through museum on the grounds of East High School. The museum will serve as a commemoration to Sharecropper Schools, Plessy V. Ferguson, Freedmen’s Burreau School, and Brown V. Board of Education.

Wishing  teacher Mark Scott and the students of East High School good luck and much success with this project.  Maybe they can built it on stilts as it was originally.

Presidents Island School House at the Fairgrounds

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