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Power your photo blog with Flickr

 Everybody loves pictures

Wordmark of Flickr

The old saying “a picture’s worth 1000 words,”  has held true through the ages, yet many small business don’t see the real value of publishing pictures of their products and services.  Whether it’s a cleaning service, custom manufacturer, realtor, or provider of very specialized services, a picture of what you do, make or sell is almost always more appealing and memorable that a paragraph or more of descriptions.

cotton gin

Seeing what happens in a cotton gin is more interesting than reading about it

Flickr is the best online photo management and sharing application; and it’s free.  You can also upload videos and manage them in the same way as your photos.  Google has a long way to go with their photo system to catch up, but that’ a topic for another post.  I will leave it to you to explore Flickr’s simple interface.  You may even want to upgrade to the PRO version as you become a heavy user.  You can even make all your images private, and still use all the great Flickr management tools.

For me, Flickr’s best feature is Sharing.  Not only can you share individual pictures, galleries or slide shows to the major social media platforms but you can post directly to your blog/website, directly from Flickr. Simply link to your favorite blogging platform, Blogger, WordPress, etc. in the options, the locate a photo you want to add, and one click posts on the blog of your choice.  I seldom have to do anything with my Memphis photoblog,  except add keywords.  Posts come straight from Flickr.  Here’s an example  photo post to this blog.

This quick screencast will give you an idea of how easy this process is.

Whether you are a business person or an individual proud of your photography, a photo blog is a very effective way to showcase your work  and get your message out there in a visual medium; and Flickr makes the process a breeze.

I have been on the grid; did you miss me?

PT Boat on Mud Island

PT Boat on Mud Island 1974 - from my personal photo archives project

The whole social media thing has been social mania for me for the last few weeks.  I have to squash so much into my time and still do my job as a “full-time” real estate agent, and all those other niceties of life, like being a good husband.   I wonder sometimes what processes I can terminate.  The changes in FaceBook, the yo-yo stock market, politics in general, Google +, viewing, scanning and indexing every photo I have ever taken, and that never ending stream of incredibly interesting items in my RSS reader keep me more than busy.  And that is not to mention the planned and unplanned photo excursions, and, of course, updating this blog as well as my real estate blog.

If you are following me in the social space, you know that I have been sharing and even creating some interesting content lately.  Do I really need to keep blogging?  It’s a question I ask myself often; but I do feel some deep obligation to add to this journal.  So,  here are some of my more rewarding recent discoveries, inspirations and projects: Continue reading

Sifting through the layers

I’ve been siftin’through the layers
   Of dusty books and faded papers;
And they tell a story I used to know,
   One that happened so long ago.
                               Kate Wolf 

Hernando Desoto Bridge under construction - 1969

I was talking with Memphis film maker Willy Bearden the other night about what would happen to the photographs I have taken over the past 40 years or so, should I meet my demise.  My conclusion was that the piles of black and white negatives and proof sheets, the thousands of Kodachrome slides, and thousands of color pictures and negatives, not to mention the digital images stored here and there, would probably just be tossed out with the trash.  Willy mentioned 2 words “negative scanner”, and that fired me up.  I ordered one the next day, and since it arrived via FedEx, I have been scanning my B&W photos, and trying to put them in some sort of order.

Furry Lewis

Blues Legend Furry Lewis at River City Blues Festival - 1973

There is some good stuff in those photos.  Things and people that have changed over the years; things and people that aren’t around anymore.  This project is going to take quite a while, but it will result in a package – the Joe Spake Archives – for whatever that’s worth to someone in the future.

It’s amazing how the mundane becomes important , or at least significant, when it is aged a few years.  As I work through the B&W negatives dating back to 1969, I am posting them on Flickr.  I even started a photo blog Sifting through the Layers.  If you care to check out the images in either place I  would appreciate your comments.  [9/9/2011 -The URL for the new photo blog is not resolving correctly on some browsers.  If the link above doesn’t work, try this one  Sifting through the Layers]

Billy Joel - Memphis

Billy Joel at Lafayette's Music Room - Memphis - March, 1974

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