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Tennessee’s first REBar Camp captured the spirit of the movement

Kathy Drewien session on WordPress

Kathy Drewien on using WordPress blogging platform

BarCamps are user-generated conferences, with the sessions an presenters/facilitators determined on the day of the conference.  Bar camps are participatory and geared to the needs and skills of those who attend.  The essence of the Bar Camp movement was captured in this week’s REBar Camp Nashville.  REBar Camps are real estate oriented, and while I have attended Bar Camps that seemed a bit over-choreographed, this event was pure user generated content, and the sessions I facilitated and attended were highly participatory.  Very little of the actual event, other than the blank schedule grid, and the individual venues was pre-planned.  This sharing of ideas is a truly enriching experience.  At any given time there were up to 10 simultaneous sessions in progress, geared to all levels of expertise in real estate marketing and tech.

Brian Copeland

Image of Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland (@nashvillebrian) deserves the credit for putting this event together with the assistance of many volunteers and a solid group of sponsors.  Sponsors? Yes.  A commercial atmosphere?  Definitely not.  I was fortunate enough to be able to present on a couple of topics, and I attended a number of sessions, but the power of the REBar Camp is in the networking:  the folks you meet with, socialize with, and share ideas with are one big family, as you can see if you look at any of the attendee’s Facebook profiles.

Kudos to Brian and all the great folks who attended Tennessee’s first Real Estate Bar Camp!

REBar Camp-San Diego 11/12/2009

I didn’t get the final numbers but over 400 enthusiastic campers attended REBar Camp San Diego today.  Lots of topics in venues filling the 3 floors of Stingaree.  It was a chance to make new friends and re-connect with old ones, but, as usual, the biggest rush is making that first time face to face IRL contact with folks you know through social media.  And the one-on-one interaction is really what it’s all about for me.

Here are just a few of the highlights in this Animoto:

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