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paper.li is an easy tool for sharing and curation

One of the keys to success in Social Media Marketing is sharing content.  Whether you post links to interesting and relevant content to Twitter and Facebook from your RSS feed, or share content you create on your blog or find elsewhere, your audience thrives on good content.  Curation is becoming more and more important as we collectively build a living history of social media.

Why not add a  daily or weekly newspaper/magazine to your content distribution arsenal?  I can hear the groans already – “TOO MUCH WORK, TOO MUCH TIME!”

You might want to give Paper.li, created by Smallrivers a try. With Paper.li, you an create up to 10 newspapers based on Twitter lists, users, or keywords.  Each newspaper is an aggregation of posts from your chosen list or keyword that contain links.  The links are categorized and published as stories in a web format that looks like a newspaper.  You have an option to publish your newspaper Daily, twice daily, or weekly.  You also have the option to promote your newspapers on twitter automatically as soon as they are published.

Let’s get started…

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