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Interesting Social Media and Tech Links for week ending July 16, 2012

My favorite links of the week from the best Social Media and Tech blogs and websites:

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Why I am not following you back on Twitter

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Thanks for the follow; sorry I can’t follow you back

I guess we are riding the back edge of the wave, but with everyone in media and entertainment talking about Twitter, it just seems natural for folks to want to jump into the action, whether it is to try to connect with their favorite celebrities, keep up with breaking news, or promote their business.  I am pretty active on the platform and have been for a few years now, but this post is not about the Zen of Twitter.  I follow and interact with some very interesting people,  so I pick up a hand full of new followers every day.  Most of them I don’t follow back.  Here are some reasons:

  1. You don’t have a profile – You may be the most interesting tweeter in the world, but with no profile, I don’t know what you are about.  Complete your profile before your first tweet.
  2. You have red flag word or phrase in your profile – If you are a self-described “social media guru”, or want to help me make quick cash, don’t expect a follow back.  And those are just 2 examples.
  3. You are an extremist – Religious or political, left or right.
  4. You have an X-rated or offensive profile picture
  5. You don’t have a profile picture
  6. You have 10 times more followers than updates – I look closely at these, as it implies to me that you might have bought some followers.
  7. You don’t practice what you preach – You claim to be an online or social media marketer and strategist, yet you have only a few updates. Continue reading

Now you can post as yourself on Facebook Pages

Probably the coolest of the new features for Facebook Business (fan) Pages is the ability to control post identity preference.  As a page admin, you can now post as the page, or as yourself.

new facebook page

Post as the page or as yourself

As you can see above, I have used this handy new feature to post as my Memphis Page, and as myself  (Joe Spake).  This feature will allow you and other page admins to personalize posts, rather than the page logo image filling the page wall every time you post or comment.  So how do you make this work for your page? Continue reading

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