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Property owners who would rather let the City take care of their yard work

It happens in all kinds of neighborhoods……….

boarded up apartments and weeds

Boarded up apartments on Tillman St., next door to Tillman Police Precinct - Binghampton


Rozelle St. - Peabody to Union

The east side of Rozelle Street, between Peabody and Union - Central Gardens


Is this any way to run an urban sporting goods superstore?

Weeds at the PyramidThe original title of this post was “Is this any way to run an urban bait shop?,” but I am trying to get my negative attitude under control.  I was driving by the Pyramid the other day and caught the glitter of a tear in the eye of Ramses the Great.  The pyramid site is suffering from lack of maintenance.  Weeds on Ramses’ throne! Shocking!

Isn’t Bass Pro Shops paying some rent on the Pyramid, and couldn’t some of that rent go to grounds maintenance, and maybe even a little Roundup?

Weeds at the Pyramid

Weeds at the Pyramid

Here’s another shot of some different weeds providing base framing for the pyramid.

And you may remember that Sidney Schlenker or someone collected money for the bricks set into the wide sidewalk out front of the Pyramid. Maybe you would want to locate your brick, if you bought one, and clean the weeds out the cracks.

Weeds in the personalized bricks

Weeds in the personalized bricks

I also found what appeared to be the Pyramid’s official Mailbox

Pyramid Mailbox - vacant


all photos by Joe Spake under Creative Commons License http://www.flickr.com/photos/joespake

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