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Realtors and Technology -2008 Survey

The 2008 report Realtor Technology Survey has just been released.
Some interesting results:
33% of respondents participate in some kind of social networking for business purposes, including blogging, social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. The numbers drop sharply when broken down to daily users.
75% prefer Internet Explorer, 14% prefer Mozilla Firefox.
5% use Twitter on a daily basis, 10% use Facebook on a daily basis.

Is a social media presence important in your choice of a Realtor?

Have you Googled your Realtor lately?

Social Media is THE buzz phrase at REALTOR Convention

All the presenters, gurus and pundits are talking about social media at the REALTOR convention. So what happens next with Realtors using social media? It will be interesting to watch.

Here is the way some Realtors think: I put my picture and full 24/7 contact information, everywhere – cards, newspaper ads, magnets, and all over my car. I sit open houses in subdivisions in the middle of nowhere, and advertise that I am there alone for specific hours, but I don’t use Facebook because it violates my privacy.

Yes, it will be very interesting to see how Realtors adopt, and adapt to social media.

Conventioneering – Orlando NAR-2008

I haven’t been to Orlando since I was a little kid, and that was long before Disney discovered it, and it became a tourist and convention Mecca.
My first impression is that everything in the Orange County Convention Center area is much more spread out than it looks on a map. Cabs (they don’t seem to have meters;drivers just make up a fare) are expensive, so I quickly learned the I-Ride system -trolley buses that run International Drive, Seaworld areas. If I return to Orlando and have as many destinations as I do here, I will rent a car.
Late Wednesday and all day yesterday were consumed with CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) meetings (details later), which were away from the convention. Last night, it was dinner with other Memphis real estate folks.

Today I dive in with those 30,000 or so other REALTORS for the Convention. My focus will be on the social media and internet oriented presentations, and I am looking forward to a presentation by Daniel Pink (@danielpink) tomorrow.

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