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RSS what?

RSS Symbol

Ever see this symbol before?  This post is not about RSS (Real Simple Syndication) or how it works.  It’s about the the computer literate folks I encounter every day who are not utilizing the power of RSS feeds to simplify their lives.

Unless owners of sites block their feeds, any website with dynamic (frequently updated content) has a feed.   The feed updates and syndicates changes, i.e., new blog posts, updates, news articles, for anyone to grab.

So when I am discussing a particular blog or site with someone who just surfs to it occasionally, I always ask if they “subscribe”.  I am often met with a blank look when I tell them they can automatically receive updates  every time their favorite blogger posts, or their favorite news outlet adds a new story.  You can subscribe to the feeds for sites you enjoy through a piece of aggregation software like Google Reader, and like magic, receive all the latest updates for everything you like on the web.

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I have been on the grid; did you miss me?

PT Boat on Mud Island

PT Boat on Mud Island 1974 - from my personal photo archives project

The whole social media thing has been social mania for me for the last few weeks.  I have to squash so much into my time and still do my job as a “full-time” real estate agent, and all those other niceties of life, like being a good husband.   I wonder sometimes what processes I can terminate.  The changes in FaceBook, the yo-yo stock market, politics in general, Google +, viewing, scanning and indexing every photo I have ever taken, and that never ending stream of incredibly interesting items in my RSS reader keep me more than busy.  And that is not to mention the planned and unplanned photo excursions, and, of course, updating this blog as well as my real estate blog.

If you are following me in the social space, you know that I have been sharing and even creating some interesting content lately.  Do I really need to keep blogging?  It’s a question I ask myself often; but I do feel some deep obligation to add to this journal.  So,  here are some of my more rewarding recent discoveries, inspirations and projects: Continue reading

Why I am not following you back on Twitter

Free twitter bar

Image via Wikipedia

Thanks for the follow; sorry I can’t follow you back

I guess we are riding the back edge of the wave, but with everyone in media and entertainment talking about Twitter, it just seems natural for folks to want to jump into the action, whether it is to try to connect with their favorite celebrities, keep up with breaking news, or promote their business.  I am pretty active on the platform and have been for a few years now, but this post is not about the Zen of Twitter.  I follow and interact with some very interesting people,  so I pick up a hand full of new followers every day.  Most of them I don’t follow back.  Here are some reasons:

  1. You don’t have a profile – You may be the most interesting tweeter in the world, but with no profile, I don’t know what you are about.  Complete your profile before your first tweet.
  2. You have red flag word or phrase in your profile – If you are a self-described “social media guru”, or want to help me make quick cash, don’t expect a follow back.  And those are just 2 examples.
  3. You are an extremist – Religious or political, left or right.
  4. You have an X-rated or offensive profile picture
  5. You don’t have a profile picture
  6. You have 10 times more followers than updates – I look closely at these, as it implies to me that you might have bought some followers.
  7. You don’t practice what you preach – You claim to be an online or social media marketer and strategist, yet you have only a few updates. Continue reading
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