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The last magnificent home on Union Avenue

Will the Nineteenth Century Club fall victim to the track hoes?

Nineteenth Century Club

Nineteenth Century Club

The Nineteenth Century Club is a philanthropic and cultural women’s organization.  The organization bought the magnificent house at 1433 Union Avenue in 1926.  The mansion was originally built for Rowland J. Darnell in 1909 and was one of many mansions that lined the stretch of  in Midtown. Now it’s the last one standing, the next door neighbor of Taco Bell.  The area is now home to fast food joints, strip shopping centers, and modern office buildings and retail.

The property is for sale for  $1.5 Million.  I know many of us would hate to see the building demolished, so let’s hope an angel arrives in time with the ideas and money to save this house from the wrecking ball.  If you are, or know such a person, there are plenty of us who will happily help you  with all necessary due diligence.

An estate sale was held last weekend, and I was able to get  photos of some of the interior details.

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I have been on the grid; did you miss me?

PT Boat on Mud Island

PT Boat on Mud Island 1974 - from my personal photo archives project

The whole social media thing has been social mania for me for the last few weeks.  I have to squash so much into my time and still do my job as a “full-time” real estate agent, and all those other niceties of life, like being a good husband.   I wonder sometimes what processes I can terminate.  The changes in FaceBook, the yo-yo stock market, politics in general, Google +, viewing, scanning and indexing every photo I have ever taken, and that never ending stream of incredibly interesting items in my RSS reader keep me more than busy.  And that is not to mention the planned and unplanned photo excursions, and, of course, updating this blog as well as my real estate blog.

If you are following me in the social space, you know that I have been sharing and even creating some interesting content lately.  Do I really need to keep blogging?  It’s a question I ask myself often; but I do feel some deep obligation to add to this journal.  So,  here are some of my more rewarding recent discoveries, inspirations and projects: Continue reading

The Great Memphis Flood of 2011

Memphis Flood 2011 47.19 Beale St (7)

Riverside Drive and Beale Street

Friday,  May 27, the Mississippi River at Memphis dropped below the flood stage of 34 feet for the first time since April 26, 2011.  The picture above was taken at the River’s crest of 47.8 feet, the second highest in recorded history.  The area still has a massive cleanup ahead.  Many homes are total losses, uninhabitable, or face extensive repairs.   Memphis seems to be returning back to normal, as evidenced by the reopening of Tom Lee park, which was inundated 2 weeks ago, for Memphis in May’s final event, the Sunset Symphony. Continue reading

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