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Mid-August in the Mid-South – deep blues and Elvis worship

Blues at Cathead - Clarksdale If you want to get to the roots of what  Robert Palmer was talking about in Deep Blues, you have to be at  this year’s Sunflower River Blues and Gospel festival, August 12-14, in Blues Mecca, Clarksdale, Mississippi.  If you are looking for what some call the blues, as played on $1500 guitars on Beale Street, this probably isn’t the festival for you.  This festival is about the Deep Blues, rooted in the Delta and it’s culture, some raw and gritty stuff.  It is always sweaty, sticky, hot.  There are lots of impromptu performances around the Downtown Clarksdale Area,  and there are some interesting places to grab Bar-B-Q, delta tamales and a cold beverage.  Be sure and drop by Ground Zero.
It’s an easy drive (about 1.5 hours) down Legendary Highway 61 from Memphis.  Click here for information and lineup.  Continue reading

Elvis would have liked Nutella and this crepe

I wanted to do this post and video to coincide with Elvis’ birthday, January 8, but I got a little behind on production.  It’s another “Cooking with Joe” episode featuring a Nutella-enhanced, peanut butter and banana “crêpe”, kind of in the the vein of the famous Graceland fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  I don’t know if Nutella was around while Elvis was alive, but I am sure he would have found it to be a great complement to his favorite sandwich.

And Elvis was a bacon lover too.    I heard he would fire up the Lisa Marie just to fly to his  favorite PB,  B & B(acon) Sandwich spot.  Interesting Wikipedia article on PB, B & B.

The next “cooking” excursion will involve bacon and Nutella.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Elvis!

Wrapping up Elvis Week – 33

For the 33 years since Elvis Presley‘s death in 1977, there has been a fan commemoration at Graceland, with thousands of fans making the pilgrimage to be near the hallowed ground of Graceland and Elvis’ grave.  The quiet march by thousands of candle holding fans up the long Graceland driveway on the eve of the date of the death of the king  lasts most of the night.  Elvis Presley Blvd. (US Hwy 51) is closed to vehicular traffic.  I braved the 95+ degree heat, to be a part of this celebration.  While I didn’t make the trek up the driveway, I was there to be part of the experience.  Here is a short video I put together. I probably greatly underestimated the number of fans in attendance

Over the years, what started as a spontaneous act by fans has evolved into a week-long event, now orchestrated by Elvis Presley Enterprises.  Elvis Week is loaded with Elvis related activities.  Here are some photos from the vigil:

Find more HERE
See you next year!

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