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Old Man River just keeps rollin’ along

May, 2011

On May 10,2011, the Mississippi River at Memphis, Tennessee crested at 48.03 feet as reported by the National Weather Service.  The flood was the second highest in recorded history, topped only by the flood of 1937.  Many homes were flooded on the outskirts of the city;  Riverside Drive and the west end of  Beale St., and Tom Lee Park were flooded;   much of Mud Island Park was submerged.   Here is my post from May 29.   And here is a slideshow of photos I took during the flood:

October, 2011

The River was at a low ebb on October 13, 2011 – 0.10 feet on the Memphis Gauge –  48 feet lower vertically than in May, the difference in height equivalent to a 4 story building.  In the next few days the river stage dropped to -2 feet before starting to rise some.  Zero does not mean the River is empty – that is just the benchmark for low water, a point that navigation can be affected.  The record low water at Memphis was -10.7 feet in 1988.  The River and riverfront look quite different at low water.  The cobblestone bank runs out, sandbars, and river current control structures, pile and rock dikes are clearly visible.  Seeing the river at this low stage, it’s hard to even imagine what it looked like in May.  Here is a slide show:


The Great Memphis Flood of 2011

Memphis Flood 2011 47.19 Beale St (7)

Riverside Drive and Beale Street

Friday,  May 27, the Mississippi River at Memphis dropped below the flood stage of 34 feet for the first time since April 26, 2011.  The picture above was taken at the River’s crest of 47.8 feet, the second highest in recorded history.  The area still has a massive cleanup ahead.  Many homes are total losses, uninhabitable, or face extensive repairs.   Memphis seems to be returning back to normal, as evidenced by the reopening of Tom Lee park, which was inundated 2 weeks ago, for Memphis in May’s final event, the Sunset Symphony. Continue reading

Zombies on the move tonight in Downtown Memphis

The Fifth Annual Memphis Zombie Massacre

Memphis Zombies
Memphis Zombies converge on South Main this evening (May 27,2011) for the 5th Memphis Zombie Massacre.  The mass lurch kicks of at Ernestine & Hazel’s at 6:30.  It’s Trolley Night, so there will be lots of  non-zombies in the crowd, some marked with a duct tape X to indicate their willingness to be zombified.  The route will be north on Main, then west to terrorize Beale Street.  If you want to participate, there’s more info at the Memphis Zombies site.

Here is my video from last year’s massacre:

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