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QOL and SOBs

As a REALTOR, I am often asked about Quality of Life (QOL) issues in Memphis: the schools, the arts, the night life, restaurants, neighborhoods, colleges, etc.
I have never fielded a question about the Adult Business scene- the strip places, massage parlors, and adult book stores, conveniently labeled by the politicians and media as Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs). I don’t frequent the places, and I don’t have a problem with those who do.

I am just trying to understand why the County Commission rushed forward with an ordinance that would curtail the activities of the SOBs only to see the City Council trump their efforts with a more lenient ordinance coming before the Council today. The Council’s position on the City Ordinance , supposedly sent down from the Mayor’s office, and touted by lame duck Councilman Tom Marshall and others does not address the public’s “issues” with the SOBs, but it emphasises the City’s need for the tax revenue generated by the businesses. Sounds like a sound business decision to me. Have a nice table dance!

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